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      About Us

      • Wisemom Baby Boutique, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a #yyc local online baby store that carries durable, earth-friendly & safe baby products.  Some of our current line of baby merchandise includes organic bamboo baby blankets, silicone snack cups, silicone baby sippy cups, baby teething products and sensory toys, as well as a full line of silicone baby feeding merchandise.

      • I opened Wisemom Baby Boutique back in 2016.  At that time, it was the first mompraneur online baby store in Calgary, AB. I would work my professional 40 hr/week Monday thru Friday job, jet home, make dinner for my family and get in some snuggles with Chuckles the baby.  Then I'd work another 2-3 hours at night filling orders for Wisemom, collapse, rinse & repeat.  It was fantastic and I loved it...until Wisemom blew up in 2018 and I couldn't do both anymore. I decided to put a hold on the store and focused on my career until late 2019 when I was diagnosed with an incurable illness that forced me back home for good.  Like most mompraneurs, I'm tough.  It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do next, but I knew Wisemom was coming back.  It just took awhile for me to put the vision into reality.  This time, I did it all by myself from scratch with the exception of the baby model photography.  Every other product shot I took myself.  I painstakingly edited each photo (sometimes repeatedly and maybe neurotically) until it was website worthy.  I chose the product line (the fun part), wrote the copy, and redeveloped the Wisemom brand to what you see today.  It took me a heck of a lot longer to get this new store up and running than I expected, with a lot of hurdles in the way.  But I did it.  And now this is no longer my part-time gig.  It's now my profession and my passion. Oh, and I may have ended up starting a social media marketing company while in the process; It's called WiseOwl Media.   Anyhow, I'm super excited to be up and running in YYC again.  I'm excited to see pictures of the 2nd and 3rd babies that the original wise momma customers have had.  And I'm also keen on meeting all the new wisemoms in my little big city.
      • So with that, welcome to Wisemom Baby Boutique part deux.  Here's to bringing you and your babies a new line of high quality baby products that are better for our planet and soon to be loved by babies and wisemoms everywhere.
      Contact us at: for wholesale and distributor information.